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“She’s a songbird one minute — ethereal and mesmerizing. Then, she’s wild, feral even, catching the listener/concert goer off guard… She’s a multi-talented gem, and it’s about time the rest of the world knew it” – LA Weekly, Oct. 2019

“Avant-rock singer-songwriter, KRISTENYOUNG’s The SubSet is a chilling, self-produced masterwork featuring her brash showmanship, complex songwriting, and wide-ranging musical skill.” – Pop Matters, Sep. 2019

“KRISTEENYOUNG is a tremendously talented artist whose music is a generous gift, and even when she confesses to seeing the world as lonely and unchanging, it remains a seductive pull” – Pop Matters, Sep. 2019

New album release for the New York-based, originally from St, Louis, dissonant piano bashing, operatic vocals, no genre, singer-songwriter. This is not a solo show….there will be drums. Also….the new album, “The Subset” will be available at the show in cassette and cd form. To pre-order the album:http://kristeenyoung.com/store.html
BRAND NEW VIDEO for song, <, from "The SubSet": https://youtu.be/Y_mYxAuNVXw
instagram.com/kristeenyoung, youtube.com/kristeenyoungmusic, facebook.com/kristeenyoung, twitter.com/kristeenyoung